The ACC is the governing body concerning landscaping issues on a homeowners lot, the planting of any tree which will exceed 16 feet in height must be approved by the ACC. As Pointe Woodworth matures many trees that have been planted are reaching heights that fall under this restriction.

The ACC has adopted a view impact policy which covers this situation and also protects the view of those residences along the rim.

View Impact language.
No View Lot owner, those lots around the rim of Pointe Woodworth community, may make improvements, add landscaping or allow tree or shrubbery growth which interferes with or obstructs another Lot Owner’s view of Mt. Rainer, Commencement Bay, Port of Tacoma and/or the Greenbelt. No structure, improvement, fence, shrub, planting or yard feature shall obstruct a view as determined by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) as a View Impact area. Interior Homes that do have partial views shall be addressed on a case by case basis following these same guidelines.

Invasive Species
The ACC has also adopted an Invasive Species Guideline (this is a work in progress and more species shall be added as the threat is realized.  Some types of Ivy will be added to this Guideline). 

The ACC has classified bamboo as an “invasive species” which must be contained within a metal container to isolate the root system (if planted below ground). Potted plants above ground are exempt from the metal containers if the root system does not extend into the soil. This action was in response to numerous instances of bamboo that has crossed property lines and spread into neighboring properties. Homeowners who currently have bamboo on their property must contain any plants that are not in above ground containers within metal enclosures and restrict the spread of the root system. Bamboo is extremely hard to eradicate once it has spread. 

Any interference, obstruction or other violation of these Guidelines may be enforced by the Architectural Control Committee, after 30 days prior written notice to the Lot Owner. If the Lot Owner fails to take corrective action after such notice, the ACC may exercise all remedies available under Section 15.2 of the CC&R’s or may elect to remove the obstruction or violation at Lot Owner’s expense.